Welcome to PittmannPuckett.com
“ The Lives and Deaths of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett, and the LGBT Community of the Early Nineties in the Detroit Metropolitan Area ”
~An Upcoming Documentary by
Brian Alexander

This Website, like the Documentary itself, is a Work in Progress

Brian’s Bio

Brian Alexander was inspired to produce and create this documentary because of the impact on his life from the deaths of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett. After he heard about the tragic events that unfolded on May 5, 1992, a whole new level of reality sunk in for him (and many other LGBT people). This reality began when he had attended the candle-light vigil that was arranged a month after the murders at the Franklin Murphy Hall of Justice in downtown Detroit, Michigan. That vigil stayed with him for many years until he finally had to do something creative with those memories.

With an Associates degree in Photography from Oakland Community College, followed by a one-year certificate program from MPI, The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, (which he took specifically to make this film) and the completion of his first short film – his thesis project, he has the background to produce this important documentary. He will create an illuminating view into the lives, deaths and legacy of these two women who helped enlighten the greater community while galvanizing and strengthening the gay community with what they endured. “Ultimately”, says Brian, “all of us should live a world where death is not the price paid for love.”