Welcome to PittmannPuckett.com
“ The Lives and Deaths of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett, and the LGBT Community of the Early Nineties in the Detroit Metropolitan Area ”
~An Upcoming Documentary by
Brian Alexander

This Website, like the Documentary itself, is a Work in Progress


Susan Pittmann Born 10/31/37
Christine Puckett Born 7/4/53
Craig Covey among others birth a new organization dedicated to HIV education and prevention called Midwest AIDS Prevention Project (MAPP) 1988
Originally known simply as the “switchboard,” Affirmations Lesbian and Gay Community Center opens with an all volunteer staff in Detroit 1989
The Triangle Foundation, Michigan’s leading LGBT organization begins with co-founders Jeff Montgomery and Henry Messer 1991
Affirmations appointed its first Executive Director, Jan Stevenson as many new programs begin 1991
Former Affirmations Organizers and Board Members Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett gunned down outside their home in Huron Township, Michigan 5/5/92
Pittmann Puckett Candle Light Vigil held outside the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit which Brian attends 6/92
The Pittmann-Puckett Art Gallery was opened and established at Affirmations Community Center in honor of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett 10/92
Mike and Jan Neubecker hold the first PFLAG Downriver meeting in their basement 6/96
Brian and Friends Discuss Making Documentary 2000
Brian begins discussions with Jeff Montgomery and Triangle about Documentary 2002
Brian Begins Film School in Troy, Michigan
Cost is $8,795.00 (not including interest)
Loan is now paid off!
Film School Ends 5/05
Brian Shoots School Thesis Project – Cost is $1,300.00 6/05
Thesis Project shown at School Film Festival in Novi, Michigan 9/05
Brian Begins Talking to Local LGBT Leaders about Documentary 10/05
Internet Service Provider found – Royal Oak Internet, Inc.
Cost per year – $179.40
Brian Travels to Charlotte, NC to have Website Created for Free
by Michael Lovett – Flight Cost – $278.09
Thank you, Michael!
PittmannPuckett.com First Day Online 3/5/06
At ComedyFest in Dearborn, MI
First Major Networking of Documentary to Public
Received Email from Christine’s Former Girlfriend 3/12/06
Brian Contacts Josuha Puckett about Documentary 4/06
Weeklong Fundraiser at Sukhothai Restaurant 4/06
Between the Lines Publishes Article on Documentary 5/18/06
First Major Fundraiser, Susan Herrick in Concert at
Renaissance Unity in Warren, MI
Received Check for $1,000 from Josuha Puckett 5/26/06
Brian attends San Francisco (30th) Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
for the first time ever
Affirmations Publishes Article about Documentary
in Quarterly Newsletter
Affirmations Posts Link from Their Art Gallery Webpage
to Our Site
Received First Email from Susan Pittmann’s Oldest Daughter 9/20/06
Second Major Fundraiser
Strip-A-Thon in Madison Heights, MI – The Best Fundraiser Yet!
Downriver PFLAG Meeting
Brian Gives Talk and Receives $1,000.00 Check
Panasonic AG-HVX200 Camera, $4,975.00, HD Recorder, $1,850.00, and Shipping Case, $315.00 are ordered and paid for with check 11/29/06
Camera and HD Recorder Picked-up 12/1/06
MacBook Pro computer ordered – Cost $3,315.94 plus interest 12/14/06
MacBook Pro computer delivered 12/19/06
Brian Visits and Meets Joshua Puckett for First Time 12/28/06
Successfully Used Camera for the First Time 1/10/06
The One Thousandth First Time Visitor to www.pittmannpuckett.com 1/22/07
Received Check for $1,000 from John Forster 1/27/07
Lavalier Microphone purchased – Cost $319.95 4/24/07
Final Cut Studio Editing Software and Apple Books Purchased – Cost $1,424.59 plus interest 5/24/07
New Affirmations Building Grand Opening 6/3/07
Brian begins filming for the documentary for the first time today, filming Affirmations Grand Opening and Motor City Pride. A second camera is rented that Brian’s brother Wayne uses to film today’s events as well – Cost of rented camera $ 6/3/07
Detroit Free Press writes about Documentary 6/19/07
Interviewed two of Susan Pittmann’s daughters, Linda McGloughlin and Pamala Messinger and one granddaughter, Dolota Pittmann in the San Diego, California area 7/14/07
Marshall Jackson takes over website. Thank you Michael Lovett for all of you help with this website! 8/4/07
Jeffrey Montgomery, Co-Founder and former Executive Director steps down from The Triangle Foundation 10/1/07
Interviewed Jeffrey Montgomery, co-founder and former Executive Director of The Triangle Foundation 10/2/07
Third Major Fundraiser, Strip-A-Thon II in Madison Heights, MI
Fundraiser loses money but breaks even because of the generosity of very good friends! No more fundraisers will be given at this time
Interviewed Dr. Henry Messer, MD, co-founder of The Triangle Foundation and on its Board of Trustees 12/01/07
Interviewed Jan Stevenson, the First Executive Director of The Affirmations Community Center and Co-Founder and Co-Publisher of Between the Lines weekly newspaper 1/4/08
Interviewed Craig Covey, Founder, the Chief Executive Officer, and C.E.O. of Midwest AIDS Prevention Project (MAPP) and Mayor of Ferndale, Michigan 1/08/08
Craig Covey, Inaugurated as Mayor of Ferndale, Michigan and the first openly gay mayor in the state of Michigan 1/14/08
Interviewed Ann Heler, Local Activist and former president of Friends And Neighbors (FANS) of Ferndale 1/16/08
Interviewed Brian Wooton, Former Board of Director of Affirmations 1/31/08
Interviewed Julie R. Enszer, Former Affirmations Program Director 2/09/08
Interviewed Robert Agasinski, Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor for Pittmann-Puckett Murder Trial 2/12/08
Interview with Marianne Martin, Author of ‘Love in the Balance’ 3/4/08
Interviewed Janet and Kenneth Goldsby, Christine Puckett’s Aunt and Uncle 3/18/08
Interviewed Kae Baker, Sister of Joe Creedon (Joe was Joshua Puckett’s Father) 4/22/08
The Two Thousandth First Time Visitor to www.pittmannpuckett.com 5/31/08
Second Interview with Marianne Martin, Author of ‘Love in the Balance’ 6/17/08
Brian takes over website. Thank you Marshall Jackson for all of you help with this website! 7/19/08
Brian begins editing of film 7/30/08
Interviewed Michael Golden, volunteer at original Affirmations location in Detroit 8/19/08
Flashback Scene Filmed 8/23/08
Guest Book added! Sign-in! 9/1/08
Queercat Production, Inc. Store added! Help fund the film by buying fun items like T-Shirts, Mugs, Buttons, and More with my production company logo. 9/1/08
First Interview with Ann Perrault, Original Affirmations Board Member and Co-Founder of Womans Coffee House 9/4/08
Pittmann Puckett Documentary Blog Officially Begins! Two main purposes of Blog are to find people to interview for film and to keep people informed about where film is at with production in a more detailed manner than the timeline. 9/8/08
Interviewed Shey Howell, LGBT Community Leader 9/18/08
Candle Fundrasier Officially Begins 9/23/08
Interviewed Scott Parker, on the Original Staff of Affirmations and Former Board Member 10/11/08
Interviewed Kelly Smith, Co-owner of the former bookstore, ‘A Womem’s Prerogative’ 11/20/08
Interviewed Peter Cooper, Affirmations Volunteer and on AIDS Partnership Staff 11/25/08
Re-do Interview with Scott Parker, on the Original Staff of Affirmations and Former Board Member 12/23/08
Interviewed Michael Sharp, One of the people to attend the Original Affirmations location in Detroit and former Board Member 12/26/08
Candle Fundraiser Ends – Thank you Anne and to the six people who purchased Candles – Paul M., Linda P., Linda S., Jim, and 12/31/08
Interviewed Teresita Jamett, former employee with AIDS Partnership 1/2/09
Brian starts Final Cut Pro film editing class at O.C.C.; Total Class cost – $335.40 1/14/09
Purchased back-up hard drive to store film footage; Cost – $279.00 2/18/09
Interviewed Gary Roberts, One of the co-founders of Affirmations 2/28/09
Interviewed Lori Randlett, One of the people to attend the Original Affirmations location in Detroit 3/3/09
Interviewed Susan Pittmann’s third daughter, Cynthia Pittmann; She flies in from Puerto Rico; Round-trip ticket cost – $275.19 3/7/09
Interviewed Honorable Daphne Means Curtis, Judge for the four day murder trial of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett 3/?/09
Interviewed John Klekamp, News Reporter formerly of Channel 7 Action News in Detroit; Drove to New Jersey 5/?/09
Interviewed Viria Marston, Susan Pittmann’s College friend 7/?/09
Recreated Candle Light Vigil held at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice 9/11/09
Recreated Sue and Chris’s Wedding Ceremony at original location in Detroit 6/5/10
Between the Lines Publishes Second Article on Documentary – Good article, just ignore the mysterious mistake in the headline 7/15/10
Interviewed Susan Pittmann’s former Motormaids member, Lillian Lloyd 8/25/10
Started three days of filming in Pennsylvania for Susan Herrick’s music video, “Fight 2 B Whole”, the song for the closing credits of the documentary Fight 2 B Whole 9/17/10
Revamped new Pittmann Puckett Website goes on line today from a new server, after having old website go off line for several days for the first time ever since the website started 4/29/11
Recreated Sue and Chris’s Wedding Ceremony for the second time
Final Cost – $1,133.37
Susan Herrick’s music video of the song, “Fight 2 B Whole”, for the closing credits of the documentary, is put up on youtube for the public
Fight 2 B Whole
Recreated three scenes between Christine and Joshua Puckett 6/11/11
Recreated one scene of Joshua Puckett 7/11/11
Re-interviewed Kae Baker 7/12/11
Recreated scene from Susan Pittmann’s childhood at Renaissance Unity in Warren
Cost so far $243.14
Recreated one scene of Christine and Joshua Puckett, back in the mid-1980’s
Scene recreated at The Malebox II in Warren on Hoover
Cost so far $55.47
Recreated two scenes form Susan Pittmann’s life; one is a redo and the other is a new scene 9/17/11
Recreated majority of the driveway/murder scene 9/15/12
Triangle Foundation Co-founder, Dr. Henry D. Messer, Dies at 86 2/18/14
Triangle Foundation Co-founder, Jeffrey Montgomery, Dies at 63 7/18/16

Re-interview Janet Goldsby, aunt of Christine Puckett ?/?/17
Re-interview Jan Stevenson, Co-founder of Affirmations ?/?/17
Purchase second new Apple Lap Top Computer 3/?/17
First Documentary Preview! Summer 2017
All “B” roll shots for the documentary Completed January 2018
All Interviews for Documentary Completed January 2018
Documentary Film Completed December 2018
Enter Documentary into San Francisco LGBT Film Festival December 2018
Documentary Premiere to be shown in Michigan at Royal Oak Main Art Theatre; Details to come once film has been finished Late Spring 2019
Documentary to be shown at San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival June 2019