Welcome to PittmannPuckett.com
“ The Lives and Deaths of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett, and the LGBT Community of the Early Nineties in the Detroit Metropolitan Area ”
~An Upcoming Documentary by
Brian Alexander

This Website, like the Documentary itself, is a Work in Progress


We Need You to Participate

We are looking for people who knew Susan Pittman and/or Christine Puckett so we can tell their stories accurately and get the facts correct about their personal lives. What were they like? What was their involvement in the LGBT community? What were their stories? Who were they? Who were the most important people in Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett’s lives?
We are also looking for people who were involved with Affirmations, The Triangle Foundation, The Woman’s Coffee House, M.A.P.P., M.O.H.R., and other LGBT organizations of the late eighties and early nineties in the tri-county area (and even beyond). We would like to contact all of those individuals to possibly participate in this documentary and be interviewed.
Photographs, film footage, and memorabilia of the two women and of these organizations are needed for use in the documentary please. These things would be especially valuable to fill in the blanks that words cannot express.
We really look forward to hearing from you and thank you for any help that you can give to support making this film a successful reality that will educate as well as move people!


Brian Alexander