Welcome to PittmannPuckett.com
“ The Lives and Deaths of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett, and the LGBT Community of the Early Nineties in the Detroit Metropolitan Area ”
~An Upcoming Documentary by
Brian Alexander

This Website, like the Documentary itself, is a Work in Progress


Frequently asked questions
about the Pittmann Puckett documentary:

When will the documentary be completed?

The documentary is a work in progress. As this is my first full-length film, I am working carefully and with an extremely low budget. I have a full time job, a part time job, and a part-part time job, so progress moves with that consideration. My goal as of this writing is to have it ready for a presentation at the beginning of 2013.


How long will the film be?

This is projected to be a full-length documentary; that is to say, it should end up at around 90 minutes. The important aspect is that all of the relevant material be included, and a balanced, thoughtful result be achieved.


What will the documentary be called?

The final name is yet to be determined. To put a title to it as it is still developing feels premature. The name will most likely occur organically. Please submit any ideas which come to mind, for consideration.


Where will the documentary first be shown?

My goal, as soon as it has had its final edit, is to rent a local theatre in Michigan to host its premier. I will then enter the documentary in film festivals at the national and hopefully international level. I will announce on this site where and when the premier will happen, as soon as it is scheduled.