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“ The Lives and Deaths of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett, and the LGBT Community of the Early Nineties in the Detroit Metropolitan Area ”
~An Upcoming Documentary by
Brian Alexander

This Website, like the Documentary itself, is a Work in Progress

Susan Herrick • Fight 2 B Whole • Music Video

Background story for this music video: Singer and songwriter, Susan Herrick was wonderful enough to perform for my first fundraiser back on Saturday, May 20, 2006. That fundraiser was for my documentary that I am in the process of making about the lives and deaths of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett who were murdered by their next-door neighbor in May of 1992.


Susan Herrick and I had not known each other well prior to that fundraiser and she received nothing in return for her wonderful performance that night at Renaissance Unity in Warren. I paid for her airplane travel to and from Michigan and that was all. By the way, it was Stephen Fleck’s idea for her to perform at this money making fundraiser. Thank you Stephen.

Much later, I asked Susan Herrick if she would write a song for the closing credits for my film. Again she said yes and I only paid for the recording for the song and that was all.

So to say thank you to Susan for doing these two wonderful things for the film and for me, I drove to Pennsylvania last October in my parent’s van and we recorded 92 percent of the footage you see here in this beautiful video in and around Susan’s home she shares with her partner Alice. The rest I filmed in Michigan in and around my home.

Thank you so much to Susan Herrick for writing and recording this beautiful song, and for all of her help and patience with this project. Thank you also to Alice Rutkowski for her added help and to Tony Jones for his computer and Final Cut Pro expertise. Thank you to Frans and Steve who own some of the property that the video was shot on near Susan and Alice’s home.

Thank you to Carla & Jason’s daughter Stella and to Michelle & Sean’s daughter Shea for their added flair in the video. Lastly thanks to my parents for their use of the van and to my dad for making a dolly and track for me to use for many of the shots.

I hope you enjoy the song and the video! This is my first music video that I have ever worked on; both the “filming” and editing parts!

P.S. As soon as I am able to afford it, I will be taking this video to a studio to have them fine tune it. Hopefully by this August.